A Pair of Jeans for a Windy Day

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello everyone! I know it’s been windy during these past few days. The wind was blowing vigorously and it forced me to put up a huge effort to prevent it from ruining my hair and outfit. So, wearing a pair of jeans would be the safest bet for you, if you want to dress casually.

As I told you before, I was looking for a new pair of jeans that's suitable for daily wear. These are the fresh pair of denim pants that I recently got! The skinny cut & light-stonewashed blue jeans by Egomé! Cool isn’t it?? I mixed them with a white-colored top, because white goes with everything!

Windy 2
Windy 3
Windy 4
Windy 5
Windy 6
Windy 7

I was wearing >> Top: Chocochips | Jeans: Egome | Shoes: Top Shop | Bag: Charles & Keith

One response to A Pair of Jeans for a Windy Day

  1. crypayy says:

    your is very very beautiful mbak ayu.. :-*

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